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At PAX East 2015, two broadcasting teams received the overwhelming praise of Twitch staff, saying that they were examples of the possibilities (and successes) that Twitch teams can bring to the table - and one of those teams was us. But with a statement like that, how can we possibly live up to the hype and expectations?

By doing an event together.

Main Menu has partnered up with The Wobblers and Wigglers to host a 2-day long charity event called Racing for Change. Starting on Thursday, April 30th at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern and going for 45 hours straight, the event will be split into three hour blocks where groups of two, one from each team - The Wobblers/Wigglers and Main Menu members - will race in a game of their choice on their respective channels, all while doing various donation incentives in order to raise over $30,000 for GameChanger, an organization that focuses on paying hospital bills for children with cancer and other rare diseases.

In addition to monetary donations, we will also be releasing a limited edition shirt, with all of the proceeds going to GameChanger as well! The #NEXTLEVEL shirt design will feature the logos of Main Menu, The Wobblers, and Wigglers and will only be available during the week of the event!

While you will have to wait until the event to find out the various donation incentives and games that will be raced, the schedule for when you can see your favorite Main Menu, Wobblers, and Wigglers taking part in the event can be found below!

This collaboration between Main Menu, The Wobblers and Wigglers is not only a chance to raise money for charity, but is a true demonstration of what broadcasting teams are capable of on Twitch - to be able to do an inter-team event is one thing, but to collaborate between multiple teams to pull off an event like this is the definition of next level.

And we truly hope you will all enjoy.